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Altek’s product line is a revolutionary change in the understanding of the basic building blocks of both the fuel cell and of its power supplies. Every aspect of the design, of the structure and of the manufacturing process has been completely retooled to create a ground breaking final product. Once undertaken, Altek fuel cells will be available to power a laptop, to provide electricity for a house or to provide the energy for a car, and will accomplish this with a higher performing, more efficient, simpler in design, uniquely manufactured, less expensive system than the leading benchmarks in the industry.
The three essential parts of Altek's program consist of the Gas Diffusion Electrode (GDE), the Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA), and the Altek Fuel Source Systems. Once these products are integrated, the result is a unique power supply system.
The proprietary GDE design allows for the creation of a special manufacturing process of fully reproducible MEAs. The core of this technology is an extruded, all-in-one design, that eliminates the need for various plates and pressurized contact and dramatically reduces the amount of man-hours currently utilized by existing technologies. This simpler, lighter design allows for multiple configurations (like flat or tube), more durability and safety. Furthermore, the MEA complies with appropriate environmental standards.
These multiple enhancements allow for the mass-production of affordable MEAs for both PEM and Alkaline fuel cells.
The proprietary Replaceable Cartridge System for Alkaline Aluminum-Air Fuel Cell and the Hydrogen Fuel Cartridge for PEM Fuel Cells are equally outstanding enhancements to the existing industry product line. Altek uses an aluminum-based technology as its primary fuel source for both applications. Aluminum’s theoretical energy density (enthalpy) 10.167 kWh/kg makes it more efficient than other sources of fuel that have significantly lower inherent energy levels.
The Altek Alkaline Aluminum-Air Fuel Cell technology uses safe and efficient proprietary components in conjunction with an exclusive design. Its working prototype, the APS 100, is a fully portable self-contained unit that has undergone significant testing in the laboratory, with remarkable results. On just one cartridge it can run 5 laptop computers simultaneously for 24 hours with no interruption.
 Altek’s Hydrogen Generation Cartridge is a fully self-contained unit that is capable of producing a virtually unlimited environmentally safe source of hydrogen and requires no high-pressure storage tanks. This creates unique advantages for utilizing this system, including military applications or for any hydrogen production and storage requirements (perhaps for extensive transportation "refueling" stations). On a technical note, it uses fully recyclable, relatively low cost and easily available chemicals and water for the efficient hydrogen production. The high performance, moderate cost, and simplicity of pure hydrogen generation without any high pressurized containment make this system unlike any other on the market today. 
Altek’s breakthrough technologies for green energy generation deliver significant advantages for storage, distribution, conservation, and recycling of all materials. These innovations will lead to a revolution in how clean technology is used by presenting a fuel cell design which is ideal for integration into numerous portable, stationary, military, and larger energy-requiring applications and systems.
Altek makes all efforts of an actual, functioning, inexpensive, marketable product a reality in the search for a solution to the world’s green energy/oil fuel dilemma.
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